Our Story

Hi - I’m Kellie, I am Mum to 3 beautiful boys and Wife to my amazing supportive husband.

Upon studying mindfulness and the importance that affirmations have on our body and mind as adults, I started to develop a deeper passion for knowledge surrounding our children's emotional well being and methods that enhance creating positive self esteem foundations from an early age.

I had become aware that my three boys all have different levels of emotional resilience, self esteem and positive self talk. I wanted a way to encourage them all to use affirmations to help create a positive thought process, build their resilience and self esteem.

I created Positive Mind Open Heart, as a way to help encourage mindfulness and positive self talk for our children and to help other parents and care givers to actively become their children's Emotional Coach.

The intention of my cards is to not only be inspiring and encouraging for our kids, but to serve as an opportunity for families to start a conversation about emotions, feelings, values and the importance of kindness every day.

I hope you enjoy.

Kellie x


NB: I am in no way an expert in this field and my products should not be considered as a substitute for the advice of a mental health professional.