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Remindables are colourful clip-on reminder tags for your kid’s school bag to help remind them what they need to pack and what needs to come back! 

Notice we said ‘them’ and not ‘you’? That’s the whole idea! 

Got their hat? Their asthma pump? Their lunchbox? Is sport on after school? Is Dad picking them up? I hope they don’t leave their jumper at school...again!

Remindables are a fun tool to help your kids stay organised at home and at school, leaving you with one (or seven) less things to worry about!

We have a HUGE range of Remindables - we have a selected a few popular ones to show you here, if there is something specific you would like to see, to help remind you and your children, drop us a line and let us know!!

NB: Leather straps are sold separately. 

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