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Bottom line? Resilience is complex, changes over time, can be learnt and is impacted by lots of factors, including a child’s skills and their caregiver’s skills and behaviours.

As parents and caregivers, it is important that we understand that family factors (such as your skills, family relationship and family connectedness) play a big role in our kid’s ability to cope with challenges.

We are proud to bring you content from Jen at Raising Resilience to act as a source of evidence based information that can support your family.

To view Mindfulness and Emotional Regulation tools and resources for your children click HERE

At times, all parents and caregivers struggle with understanding what our child needs from us if you would like more information on the 8 week program Circle of Security® Parenting™ via Raising Resilience click HERE or find them on Facebook and Instagram @raisingresilience.au 

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