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Hi Everyone
So you will be able to find lots of general information about both of our journals on our website Between Us - Conversation Journal and Positive Mind Open Heart Kids Mindset Journal
But I wanted to give you a quick run down on my purpose behind creating them and hopefully give you a bit of insight to what is inside and to be honest, I find that easier to do when I write it all down for you.
Our Positive Mind Open Heart Journal has been designed to focus on Primary Aged Kids, I have designed it intentionally with a Monochrome them to allow it to suit boys and girls (as a mum of boys, this is always at the forefront of my mind). All of my sons love to colour in, and I find that we have the best and most honest conversations when we are "Sideways Talking", have you heard of it? This method of communication has been around for ages, although it really does't have to be anything formal, sometimes it may be when we are in the car, out walking the dog or in this case, sitting and colouring together. I let them lead the conversation and I am generally surprised when they start to open up and chat about their day. It's a beautiful time.
Anyway back to the Journals, so I have designed the Positive Mind Journal to be an activity book that your kids can colour in and complete with your or on their own, at their own pace (I didn't want it to feel like more homework!), I have used spiral binding to allow it to open up flat so they can easily write in it and give you the space to sit and colour with them while they fill it in.
I wanted to focus on their Mindset, Gratitude, Growth and their thoughts and feelings surrounding things that happen in their every day lives. I wanted to incorporate Affirmations, feelings of Happiness and Calm, Creativity and Reflection. I have included activities for Mindfulness, Self Love, Kindness, Intention and Goal Setting. In this Journal I also included a few pages of the Between Us Conversation Journal, to see if you can keep them on a roll with their communication and talking to you about their day. 
The Between Us - Conversation Journal was a specific idea that I created for one of my sons. While he is generally a really outgoing and confident little boy, when it comes to the serious things on his mind he isn't nearly as open and forth coming with his communication. I knew I had to find another way to gently peel back his layers and earn his trust so that when he grew older and his little problems became big problems he knew he could always come to me and understand I would always be here to love and support him. So that's the honest truth behind how the Between Us - Conversation Journal was born!
The intention behind this journal is for your child to be able to write about ANYTHING, happy, sad, funny, angry, ask questions ANYTHING because they have the "control" (which I knew was imperative for my little fella) as to what they and I, did with their journal entries. 
I have included a space at the bottom of the journal for them to tick if they want to:
- Let's Talk About it 
- I'm not ready to talk just yet (but they still want to you to read it and understand what's happening)
- I'd like to write about it to each other
There is a space for your child to write about the best parts of their day and the "low" parts of their day. I've created a special a spot for you to write back. 
My son will write in his Journal and leave it on my bedside table for me to read and reply, sometimes he will write in it and then tick - "Let's talk" so we go for a walk with our dog and have a chat about what's on his mind, not always right away, but when we are both ready.
It's a great way for him to say "I need you" without having to come out and actually say it, it's a great way for me to know whats on in his mind and what he is dealing with in his little world which allows me to be there for him, guide him and give advice without it being a lecture.
So there you have it friends, the background and history behind my latest passion project, I hope you enjoy, thanks for reading all about it and I look forward to receiving your feedback.
Have a beautiful week ahead and take care.
Bye for now
Kellie x

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