Positive Self-Talk Becomes Teachers Secret Weapon in Classroom

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“They came at the best time because he’s having a hard time being excluded at school”


New South Wales schools are rolling out the use of Positive Mind Open Heart affirmation cards as part of their daily classroom teachings.

With more than 278,000 children between the ages of four and 17 experiencing anxiety and depression, educators say practicing daily affirmations and using growth mindset prompts self-talk and self-worth within the children in their classrooms.

“Students discuss the affirmation or intention on the card, apply it to their own lives, share stories with their peers and hopefully incorporate this positive growth mindset into their own self-talk and reflection,” says Camden School teacher, Lanae Bradshaw.

Adds Positive Mind Open Heart founder Kellie Suffell: “Our kids come to us with feelings, emotions and stories of their day when they are struggling or confused – and it’s tough because we don’t always have the answers.”

Her children Lachie, 12, Jayden, 10, and seven-year-old Joshua use the Positive Mind Open Heart affirmation cards in their own way as part of their daily routine.

“I had one parent contact me to say the cards came at exactly the right time because her son was having a really tough time at school,” Kellie says. “He was being excluded and trying to find his voice in the world – he had a lot of emotions. Thanks to connecting with affirmations on a daily basis he’s more engaged and his general positivity has blossomed.”

Positive Mind Open Heart - a business focussed on producing age specific affirmation cards for the wellness of kids and teenagers – is helping to bridge the gap between educators and parents searching for ways to empower their children or the children they teach, to seek positivity and kindness.

St Paul’s Catholic Primary School in Camden is just one of the NSW schools valuing the positive impact of using the specially tailored affirmation cards after arming every classroom from Kindergarten to Year 6 with a pack to aid teachers in instilling positivity, kindness and resilience in their students in a fun, effective and simple way.

Educators agree, that students reading the cards on a regular basis encourages and normalises positive self-talk and reflection, with children then using the skill independently and subconsciously as a regular part of their daily lives.

At just $19.95 for a pack of 16 cards, Positive Mind Open Heart offer a wide range of affordable affirmation packs to cater to all ages – from Little Minds (4-7 years old), Growing Minds (8-12 years old) the Teen boys and Girls packs, to Conversation Cards which are great for family dinner time or one-on-one chat time.

Be amongst the first schools to jump onboard using this incredible tool to empower children in your classroom today by visiting the website www.positivemindopenheart.com.au, Emailing hello@positivemindopenheart.com.au , Instagram or Facebook @positivemindopenheart for more information.

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