Kids & Teens Affirmations? Is it all “Woo-Woo” Hippy Alternate Parenting Stuff?

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Think about this for a minute. Our kids are born with an innate sense of purity, happiness, belonging and confidence. That in itself is just so beautiful isn’t it?

Wouldn’t we as Parents, Adults, Care Givers and Educators, want to encourage our kids to hold onto those amazing qualities for as long as they can? So to answer the above question…. No. That’s it, Just No….. I strongly believe that affirmations to those that understand their importance and the power behind a positive mindset, aren’t “woo-woo, Hippy Parenting Stuff” and here is why.

Positive affirmations teach children how to speak to themselves. Encouraging them to speak with the kindness and empathy that they would speak to a best friend or family member. Teaching children to use affirmations, is teaching them life long skills which build self esteem and confidence.

It is so important for children to develop Positive and Healthy Self talk.

Teaching our Kids the skill of Positive inner self talk, is educating them towards a better way to speak to themselves, helping them to live their lives with success and happiness.

It is a skill they can carry from childhood throughout adolescence and their teen and adult lives, helping them to process and cope with the emotions, thoughts and feelings stemming from life events that they will endure.

Children who learn to use Positive Affirmations have increased self-esteem and enhanced confidence, this in turn builds their resilience to bullying, due to their ability to focus on their positive inner self talk allowing them to find their own strength and positive beliefs.

We all learn our belief systems as little children, it is this very belief system that functions as the foundation for our entire life. Now doesn’t that seem like a good reason to educate our kids in emotional strength, resilience and positive beliefs?

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